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Welcome to My WebSite!

This page is for ballers, friends, and people around the world. If you like my web page, go to my guest book page.


The picture on top is cristian,he's my nephew he wants to be a rap singer when he gets older and learns how to talk better and clear and when he learns how to write, right now he's bearly 4yrs. old

My Favorite Hobbie
I like to play to play basketball and street basketball, i would like top play for the team lakers one day as #34

My Favorite Basketball Player

My favorite basketball player is shaquille o'neal because he plays for the lakers that's my favorite team my favorite number is #34

Israel (chucky) All Posing

This is a pic of Israel he's bearly 5 yrs. old, he wants to become a basketball player just like me


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